Andrew Robert Palmer

by Andrew Robert Palmer

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Hi Everyone - for those of you who may not know me, I am a guy who writes pop/rock songs. I live in Chicago and play acoustic and full band gigs. I love old school rock n' roll from the 50's, 60's, Motown, Punk Rock and Folk music. My music is my own homemade blend on all of these styles. I write a lot about the things I think about - social issues, worries, getting old, love, video games, surfing, etc.

I'm always a little torn between trying to explain my songs and revealing how secretly pretentious I really am, or just making a joke about 'em, but for this record I think I'll give it a shot....

First off, this record is probably my best effort yet, so I hope you like it. Musically, this is one that I can kind of point to and say, "this is how I mean to sound." It's a solid representation of what I'm going for, so I feel pretty proud and lucky to have made it. I usually record quickly and cheaply and often do it myself at my house, despite not really knowing how recording works... but for THIS record, I actually took my time, invested some money, went to a studio, and fleshed out my sound as much as I could. I even got some friends to be my horn section for this one, which I am pretty psyched about.

I actually almost called this record "Nebra-SKA!" because of the horn section, and because I was trying to channel Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska," writing my own versions of what I consider to be part of some kind of American narrative. I write songs how some folks journal, so this one has been inspired by trying to figure out what's been going on in the U.S. of A. in 2018/2019. I wrote these songs reacting, reflecting, living and thinking about everything... my place in it all, and the value of making music and art in spite of / about it. It's sort of a "what am I even doing" moment. I am confused and worried but trying to stay positive and figure out what to do. I can't write story songs or really anything that's not upbeat and major key, so this is as close as I'll get to The Boss in that respect.

Anyway - I was advised against calling the record by that name, so I just made it self-titled. I originally recorded 10 tracks for this thing, but I thought these 5 were the core and best of the sessions I did in the studio.

Thanks a lot for giving this one a spin if you choose to!


released May 1, 2019

Brad - P-bone
Yuen Yee - Alto Sax
Rick - Boards n' Switches, advice, endless patience, music recommendations and fun games about mall food courts

Everything else - me

Written on my long commute to work and Recorded at Handwritten Recording in Chicago.

PS - if you are old school like me and would like a FREE CD send me an email at with your address and I'll ship it to ya!


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Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: ...To the Lake!
I'm going to the Lake

[I say this a bajillion times so here is what it rhymes with:]

V1: No matter what you say / I just need a break

V2: Going through a change / & I ain't actin strange / there's just not a lot to say

V3/Bridge: Woo-ooo uh-huh...

V4: End of the day / man the sky is grey / jump on the highway / me n' my mistakes / yeah but that's ok / in fact I'm feeling great

V5: And I just can't wait / And I'm on my way / speeding by landscapes / flowers on the hill about I-88
Track Name: Little House
I'm gonna build a little house
in the middle of the interstate
Yes I will - a little house
in between the North and South-bound highways

Where the grass grows long
and I can feel life moving on
and I can scream from the top of my lungs

I'm gonna build a little house
in the middle of the interstate
I'm gonna fill my mouth
with I-HOP pancakes

...Or whatever's up the ramp
from wherever I am
and It may not be too glam
but that's the plan - I don't see why I can't!

From a billboard at dawn
I'll sit and watch the city lights switch on
and I'll feel just like Elton John
counting headlights on the highway

And if they take me away
I'll pay whatever fine they want me to pay
and I'll come back the very next day
I daresay!

I'm gonna build a little house
in the middle of the interstate
yes I will - a little house
'cuz i just need a little space
Track Name: Rockford Rock
I met a girl who dances for a living out in Rockford
We got to talking as she was locking up her shop
Well the first thing she told me was "he treats me so mean
So I'm going to Minnesota, gonna do my own thing
I don't wanna live in Rockford

Woah-oh-oh-oh no
Baby gotta go"

Soon it was afternoon and I was headed out of Rockford
Thinking about the girl and how she must see the world
She was only 21, she did way too many drugs
When I asked her about the president
All she does is shrugs and says,
"I can't change the world from out in Rockford"

Woah-oh-oh-oh no
Baby I don't know

Well maybe she was right but honey, tonight,
I just don't get it
It seems we should plant our feet and stand our ground
We'll get a tiny little house that won't be blowing down
no matter who's a-huffin' and a-puffin' around
and there won't be no such thing as a small town

Woah-oh-oh-oh no
I don't wanna go
Track Name: Northside Blues Confusion
I've seen beautiful things
I've seen beautiful things
I feel lucky to be alive

White snow, white sand on the beach
Rainbows over my street
sometimes I can't believe my eyes

My world's a tiny little slice of heaven
Falling from the sky
Hey - this is the life!

But now, 2018:
Things aren't quite what they seem
Everybody seems so mean sometimes

Well, I must've lucked out on a deal
Born a boring, bland, white guy
"Hey - what a nice guy!"

They tell me "what a nice guy"
As I'm passing by
And I don't even have to try

So far so good - Are you with me so far?
White guy, electric guitar
Singing and playing the blues on Chicago's North Side

You know I just want to be the Beatles
But I'm having a hard time
Saying what's on my mind

Because what's on my mind
is, "maybe we should step aside,
we've always had the mic"

Been wondering what it all means
to be strumming these strings
'till now I never questioned why

But no matter how bad I feel
I'll never know what's like
not to be a white guy

Oh, but I'm a nice guy
how can I really say anything
on which you can rely?
Track Name: American Souls
Well, I'm waiting for the light to come on
and I'm praying it ain't really there
Oh, I'm closing my eyes and hoping the monsters are gone
I'm running up the basement stairs

We were playing with the ouija board
it was late, a voice said, "hey, can I play?"
When we asked the evil spirits who they were coming for,
it just spelled out "U... S...A."

Well, sweet baby Jesus! when are you coming home?
When will this world be saved?
Will there be room in heaven for our American Souls
When flowers grow on our graves?

Hush now child don't you worry no more
even evil demons have their end
I can't say it ain't really there, so I won't anymore
but It's safe to say the sun will come out again

Have faith and pray the sun will come out again
Have faith and pray for a brand new day
the sun will come out again

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