Bakery in Flames

by Andrew Robert Palmer

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I don't usually make doe-eyed political records, but when I do, I basically save up all of my would-be political Facebook rants and put them on an album that is basically the poor-man's 'American Idiot."


released January 7, 2017

Brett Knickerbocker on lead guitar on "Oh Great... Again!"
Ben Colebrese - backup 'oooh's' on "Bakery in Flames"
Rick Riggs @ Handwritten Recordings - boards n' switches



all rights reserved


Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: Oh Great... Again!
When I woke up on Wednesday
I still thought it was Tuesday
Man there's gotta be something more that can be done

A little time's gone by now
I start to realize now
Just how strange the United States are about to become
Or maybe it's just as strange as it always was

All the songs I've written
Seems like they don't mean shit when
The world I thought I lived in was a lie

Feels like another lifetime
Feels like a fucking knife crime
Oh no-more-mr-nice-guy-unless-you're-a-white-guy's come

But you said "give him a chance"
Let's just give him a chance to go on and fuck things up
Let's just give him a chance - what a great idea
And now there's no chance in hell we're headed home

A country founded on hatred
Something we tried to forget
But we just ate shit - ancient evils alive and well

So tell me what is my place now?
Am I just saving face now?
What's in my blood?
If I'm a disgrace or a saint, how can anyone tell?
Track Name: Something to Say
I don't know what I'm supposed to do
I don't know what this world is going through
It seems like ev'ry time I turn around
Someone's died or I'm on a train going downtown

Now I think I got something to say
But it don't seem to matter anyway
to whom do I address a letter of complaint:
the ones who'll listen, or the ones who could make a change

Well they won't bat an eye
And it's strange, but I've stopped asking why

So I doubt, I get down, I get down
I don't know what I've been going on about
I get down, I get down
I don't know what I've been going on about

... And I thought I had something to say
Track Name: Bakery in Flames
I was lonely on the L train
and I slowly lifted up my eyes
to the heavens - heaven help me!
I'm unholy and holding on for the ride

and I don't even know what I don't realize


There are people dying
and we pray for and forget their names
Have they paid for our way of living?
Are the painful and the beautiful the same?

Is this whole damn world just a bakery up in flames

I pray, "Our Father! Oh Maria!
Come by here, Lord, Come by here,
'Cuz we're fresh out of ideas,
and it feels like we ain't even got a prayer"

Track Name: Half Mast
The flag is flying at half mast
we've seen the news, we can't believe it
They say what's happened in the past
is in the past, and we should leave it

Well, what else are we to do,
but carry on confused and right on cue
is there nothing left to do but sing along?

I won't give up
I don't think I can
I believe our time will come

And I hope I don't give up,
Just throw up my hands,
and say, "my work is done,
Now let's just have a little fun"

They say this life moves pretty fast
from what I've seen, I believe it
but there's just so much I could never understand,
that the truth has no meaning

But what are our kids to do when they've grown up
and the world we knew is gone
And there's nothing left to do but sing along?
Track Name: Gone Soft
Sun gone down
and I've gone soft
I squint my eyes
on this long long walk

and now I know that I'm really all talk
When I say I've half a mind to give up

And every time I climb up to heaven I fall down
Before I know it I'm on fire

Cool air comes
Brings rain, breathes life
Into these lungs
and I'm revived

So I blow smoke and hold out hope that it will rise
with a new dawn, the sun in my eyes

And every night, I cry out to heaven - I fall down
on my knees - "you're playing with fire...

Oh my Lord, you're playing with fire"
Track Name: Dark Country Lullaby
Waiting for evening
to fall down on me

Heaven knows what evils
lay out in this dark country

but I don't believe
in worrying, just singing

So goodnight my love
just close your eyes

one day when we're old enough
we'll twinkle in the sky