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An inversion of The Mother Z's sound, which itself was influenced heavily by Motown. I was going to record these tracks in a proper studio, but have decided to release them in their rawest form (Demos from 2008 when my voice was much higher and more squawky). These songs are about night, walking alone, leaving home and coming back again. Generally a lot of naval gazing....


released August 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: Dixie
The neighbors' blacktop driveway is shining like a river
Porch lights fall down, shimmy, shake and shiver,
Settle softly on the street

All the streetlights sing and warm the ground
Until the sidewalks are golden brown
the houses around don't make a sound

... Don't make a sound, don't make a sound

The restaurants are just like constellations
The cars streak by like conversations
Their headlights and taillights all paint paintings

Oh my, my, my, my, my, my, my...
Oh, I, I, I, I, I, I... .
I'm alone, sweet baby

And in frozen summertime
This little heart of mine
Keeps beating - it keeps beating
All the time

And rosy cheeks will stain
My face for weeks
And rain was shining
In the morning light today

Hold my hand
Baby, won't you hold my hand?
I just want to hold your hand
All night long

I'm rusty like an old tin can
Baby, that's just who I am
Man, oh man!
Don't make me repeat myself again
Don't make me repeat myself again
Track Name: Hey, Alaska (light the way)
I wonder what it's like
To always be holding up a light
To the gloom

Even though the stars say,
Someday everybody meets
Their doom

And there ain't nothin' we can do
Except for sing along on cue
Cuz sometimes it feels like
The end is coming soon

I feel it coming home at night
Or when I walk around downtown
It's like I'm hollowed out inside
And if you knock, I might make a sound

And I don't really want to say anything out loud
But I feel like it's my soul that's hiding out
And every year I get a little bit older
I lose a little bit more control over
My spirit and I hear it rolling like a thunder cloud

Oh but hey! It's OK.
I'm feeling great!

I won't stop
I won't stop
I won't even ease the breaks

Hey, Alaska, I just ask ya to light the way
Oh and lead me to heaven's gate
Track Name: A Fire's Ghost
Remember me like smoke
Remember me like fire
I want you to remember me

This ain't no damn joke
and I ain't no damn liar
I want you to remember me

'Cuz even if you see my face
You're never gonna see a trace of me again

And if you think I'm history
Ain't nothin' but a fallin' leaf - well, think again

I'm lonely, but I don't need you
I'm thankful for you, my friend
I've learned and I've tried to teach you
I hope that you understand

I'm sorry for everything I've done
To you and to everyone

And if you can't believe me
Let's make a deal
As long as we're living,
Take all the time we can steal

And if you ever even think of me
Baby, don't you think of me
Think of how I made you feel
Track Name: Leavin' Again
I'm assuming you know
I'll be leaving again
So long

It's confusing, I know
Nothing ever makes sense
'Till I'm gone

And I've done all I can to belong
And now I'm trying my best to move on

I ain't burning no bridge
I just ain't doin nothin'
If a bridge should catch on fire

Not noticing it
Doesn't mean I set it
It just goes to show I'm tired

I'll go alone
I'm a one man fighting empire
Track Name: Fireflies
I'm falling asleep
To the whispering streets

It sounds like turning on the sink
and watching the water turn to steam
Or little shells that somehow hold the sea

Lonely little lights
Blink like tired eyes

They shine like little fireflies
Sparkling in jars to illuminate July
Or Christmas decorations in the basement

The dishwasher hums
Until the morning comes
And with the morning sun
I will rise
Track Name: So Long
I'm sick of sitting here
Waiting for the sun to shine
I twitch like a frigid deer
Standing in the headlights

And to move, I'd do anything

So long
I've lived in fear so long now
My song
I couldn't hear, though it was so loud

It's so hard to hear anything

I don't know what I'm still doing here
I long to be free

Under the wind and the denim sky
and the black tangled trees

I made up my mind to get out of here
But my tired old feet

... They won't go anywhere,
they won't do anything
Track Name: Believe
Believe in how naïve we are
We're wishing on an evening star
The moon is a lit cigar
The moon is a lit cigar

And if you don't believe in God
Just take a walk around the block
Oh, he's there I swear to God
He's there I swear to God

And it's a mess but it's not over now
It's not over now, cuz we're still around now
And though you said, "I guess it's over now"
Oh, please, don't let it be over now
Track Name: Cincinatti
Hold back
all your little secrets
all you little plans
Anyway you can

You're just dust
Clinging to a camera
Sitting in the sun
Amongst a bunch of junk

Singing, "amazing grace
And when I get my own place
I will pray to the lord more hell to raise"

Oh amazing grace
Sing a sweet song of praise
For the sun's golden rays
And rainy days

The highway
is holding all the answers
They could be in Spanish
But go ahead and chance it

And maybe we
Could meet in Cincinatti
Maybe you're not ready...

Singing, "amazing grace
And since I'm done saving face
I will pray to the lord for some more mistakes"

Oh amazing grace
Sing a sweet song of praise
For the sun's golden rays and rainy days