Homepop '17

by Andrew Robert Palmer

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This one's in honor of the 10 year anniversary of The Mother Z's, a little known project I had with someone who is out of the band and shall remain nameless.....
Recorded at home in Chicago by an unemployed guy who doesn't know what he's doing.


released June 1, 2017

Molly B. - vocals on "Summersalt" and coming home during recording at the end of "Overloaded"
Ben C. - For coining the phrase 'bad job bandit'



all rights reserved


Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: Summersalt
If I could season the season
I'd add just a pinch of salt to make it all change again
If I could go back in time
I'd make up my mind a few more times

But if winter's got ya grinding to a halt
well, baby, pay no mind. It's not your fault
Just add Summersalt...

If I'm in the Garden of Eden,
I wanna see some trees, I'm tired of this concrete hell... oh well...
So I run home to mama
I find me a song to sing, I'm trying to reverse the spell

I take another long walk to the edge of town
I pass another local bar that's been closed down
Oh who would want this world to go to waste
When the recipe specifically states, "season to taste?"

Well, I don't know, but it bums me out
and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth
and it leaves me with all kinds of doubts
yeah, this calls for Summersalt
Track Name: Waiting for You
Mama closes the door,
Leads the way down the stairs from the second floor
and I follow along

Climbing into the van
Mama turns on the heat but it blows cold air
Until it come on

She says "we ain't going to school
Even though that's we said we were gonna do.
I've been waiting for you!"

Drive down to grandma's house,
Pick up Uncle Peter and drop him back off,
Now we're off to the mall

We play hide and go seek,
pose like mannequins, get fast food as a treat
Ain't life sweet?

When did we become so old and afraid?
Oh and how did those days get so far away?
Sometimes I wake up all alone in my room
And I pray to the lord, "if you ask me to, I'll keep waiting for you"

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Singing "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" at the top of our lungs
Remember that?

Dad pretends to lose his keys,
Tells us to keep looking down at the street all the way to Dairy Queen

All the little things, all the big surprises
All the bright starbursts inside our eyes
On the way home, I followed the moon
and it smiled down onto our Honda's roof
And said, "I've been waiting for you!"
Track Name: 2Basic
I'm too basic for Rock and Roll
I just wanna go to work and come home
I just wanna go out to eat
and repeat ... and repeat... and repeat...

Cuz I'm too basic and I"m too bored
I can't stay out lated anymore
I used to be able to drink more drinks
I mean... at least... I think...

And now I'm fast asleep
After a long long week

And I know
that I'm too basic for Rock and Roll
Track Name: BJB
They call me the...
Bad Job Bandit!
Yeah yeah yeah

Well, I tried to find something else to do
that I might like besides music to please you

But - oh my god! - I just can't take anymore
I gotta get out, so show me the door
I've tried to try 1,000 times before...

That's why they call me the...
Bad Job Bandit!
Yeah yeah yeah

Well, I tried to deny or at least to hide the truth
And, I got shy. That's why I lied to myself and you

I don't wanna be a typical white privileged Millennial
But I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired
And, I gotta be real...

That's why they call me the...
Bad Job Bandit!
Yeah yeah yeah

Oh, I've quit jobs some folks probably kill for
I've quit jobs some folks probably kill for

That's why they call me the...
Track Name: Carryonlovesong
Oh my darling
Take my arm and let's go walk down the aisle
I was born a goner, dipped in holy water,
but I'm not complaining, it's not my style

I'm fine cuz I Love you with all my heart
and I'm ready to make a new start

Oh my darling
My alarm is going off before work
and I don't wanna, but I guess I oughta go,
and on the radio, someone's getting hurt

All over again: it's the same everyday
and I just don't know what to say

I can't help what's going on
Oh well... guess I'll carry on with the love song


Oh my darling
Our apartment is beautiful, thanks to you
"Where are you going?"
"It's Tuesday morning and I have so much to do"

It's unoriginal,
so I'm sorry, but I just wanted to say:
This world's a scary place, but now that i've seen your face
I believe, at least, I'll be o.k.
Track Name: Overloaded
Why do we live in a world where people are forced to sleep on the streets?
why do we live in a world where people are forced to hurt other people
to meet their own needs?

I don't know, but I feel overloaded
And I want to escape
but how I can I think of music at a time like this?

I believe that there has got to be
Some kind of explanation
or at least a reason to believe that there is
something better than this

I'm not the world's best songwriter, I'm just one who hasn't been shot yet
Not much of a lover or a fighter, I'm just trying to work with what I've got
Oh god!

I've forgotten what I have taken for granted
And I have been so loved...
But if that bums you out, then I'll keep it to myself

I wanna sing, i wanna start a family
but I don't have a gun
So I guess the best that i can do is run
and enjoy my moment in the sun

I'm sorry I didn't go to the protest I went shopping instead
I don't know what it's like to be victimized, so I went to dinner with my girlfriend

And we felt bad so we had a conversation
All about our privileges
and how we're frustrated cuz we don't know what to do

We wanna help, but it's so complicated
and we feel overwhelmed
when our actions and inactions mean something
but what does all of this mean??

I don't know but I feel overloaded
I can't take much more of this
In another world I know there must exist
something better than this
Track Name: Let's Watch TV
Belong to the sea and be free
or come sit next to me and let's watch TV

I won't climb no mountains
I won't swim no oceans

But I will take out the garbage
and I will empty the sink

And I will tell you "I love you" everyday
and I will sing you to sleep

So hold my hand
Hold my hand
Hold my hand
If I forget just what I stand for

And sing me a song
Sing me a song
Sing me a song
If I forget where I belong
Track Name: If I Go...
I think dying's probably like riding the el at sunset,
like finally being free of these songs that are buzzing in my head

I think dying's probably like smelling the wind in my hometown,
a bright note from the throat of a subway singer downtown

... maybe not. It probably stinks.
But life's been good to me, so how bad could it really be?

I don't know, but when I go
God rest my soul in Homewood, IL.
Cuz that's my home
it's quite unknown

But when the stars come out at night
I'm totally blown away

It's alright, it's o.k... I don't really know what I'm trying to say
I'm just glad I got a song to play

So, if I go, I guess that's fine... no, actually I hope I never die
I'm having too much of a good time
I'm having too much of a good time