Wish I Surfed​.​.​.

by Andrew Robert Palmer

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Recorded April 2016 - October 2016 at night in a music shop in Orland Park, IL. except "Wish I Surfed…" - recorded at Handwritten Recording in Chicago, IL.

Thanks to Drew Neely (and Jon Wolynia) at Thrifty Records for producing, all the shows and for being chill dudes. Thanks to family and friends, people I have been in bands with (especially my sister Becca and Paddy Dwyer), Rick "soft creams" Riggs at Handwritten Recording, and Donna at City Newsstand in Chicago for letting me put on a show there, and everyone for coming.

This record features the talents of:

Matt Van Acker (drums and counting on "Surf's Down!")
Brett Knickerbocker (killer licks on "Summer's Over," and back-up's/second guitar on "Surf's Down"
Drew Neely (back-ups on a bunch of the tracks, piano on "Summer's Over")
Rebecca Palmer (co-writer on "Calavera")

For Molly B.


released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: Tidal Wave
I remember the moon shining in your living room
it was so unreal
and now it pulls on the waves in the middle of the lake
they just keep rolling on, rolling on, rolling on, rolling on…

Oh Cristina
I had to leave ya

Because I'm a tidal wave and I can't seem to behave
I'm gonna crash one day
I'm in love with the moon shining in your living room
I must be moving on, moving on, moving on, moving on…

Oh Cristina
I had to leave ya

Because I'm a tidal wave
and I'll crash into the shore one day
I'll follow the moon till then
I'll follow the moon until I wash up dead

Oh Cristina
I had to leave ya
Track Name: Surf's Down!
I took a walk today
All the way to the lake
This morning I left your place
Frustrated and disgraced

And now my head is spinning around
Wondering what to do
I hate my job, I hate this town
the only thing I love is you

I hope it gets so warm
That surfing becomes the norm -
Everybody grab your boards
We don't gotta work no more!

...And maybe we can catch a wave
That'll take us to another state
Oh Wisconsin or Michigan
Oh we'll just leave it up to fate

Singin'…doo doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo doo

And wherever the waves take us we'll be happy
I'll breathe easier than i have in years

Oh and when the ocean takes us, we'll believe it
But for now, our final hour seems a long way away

It's a long way away
And it's ok to pass the time
And it's ok to let entire lives fly by
Track Name: Wish I Surfed...
I've been thinking about the time
I moved to L.A. for a while
I went surfing in my free time
I was young and in my prime

But now I'm old and I'm all washed up
And, after all, I only really got up
for a few moments at a time
… ain't that a metaphor for life?

Against the ocean, just one man
catch a wave and try to stand,
Fall back down and do it again
Let's go surfing!

On my back porch, drinking wine
Cars and people passing by
In the alley way outside
I love Chicago, but I don't know why

'Cuz this is where I have washed up
And now I watch other people do stuff
that I love and have always wanted to do
Even thought I tell myself "I'm cool…"

And, "this is why I went back to school"
And, "mom's advice was wise and you'll
Not regret it, forget those fools"
Trade the ocean for a baby pool

I go on and on and on
about big ol' fish and tiny ponds
and how I'm really moving on
But i'm still waiting

Against the ocean just one man
Will I catch a wave again,
Or just a suntan in the sand?
Let's go surfing!
Track Name: Beach Break
[just a-rockin']
Track Name: LOVE/DRUNK
I know I'm not an idiot
But I died trying to understand love

Yeah, love is just something else
and I don't know why I keep beating up on myself

Oh love love love love
You're letting me down again
So glug glug glug glug
I'm drunk all the time!

And I swear to god above
when I move back to town again
I'll be somebody else (WOAH OH)
I'll be somebody better than this

Say… please just say anything
I'll take the blame if you just come back to me

My love, I get so overwhelmed
I let it all build up and make my own living hell
Track Name: Calavera
In a graveyard, I was running
I was running from a ghost
(oh oh oh)

It was raining and graves were flooding
and somehow I tripped on my own headstone

On the day I die
I will feel more alive
Than all these days I've wasted
On love

But if time runs out,
if it all goes south
before I've finished singing
It's not enough!

But don't cry for me
because I never was
Track Name: Skeletons of Fireworks
Smoke fading out into the black
After the color and the flash
I lay down for a moment in the grass
and I wait around for the moment to pass.. forever

And I wanted to know your secrets
but I don't think I could ever know for certain
And if I have ever taken you for granted…

I'm sorry I missed you,
I guess that's all

The sun goes down on Surf St. -
A sad and simple song
I think I've finally learned something
Wandering around the Gold Coast, baby…

Oh my darling! I wanted to share my secrets
But I don't think I could ever bear to tell you
So I sing them out to the streets of Chicago
The city's burning me out again

I walked out to the lake
in the middle of the night

And we are all afraid,
So we turn on all the lights in the darkness

And this world is too big so we hide out
In our cities and pretend we're together
And now I watch these fireworks pass right over me
And I thought that they would last forever…

I'm sorry I missed you,
I guess that's all
Track Name: Summer's Over
You're sad 'cuz the summer's over
As the waves reflect the light
As we walk shoulder to shoulder
On the edge of the city tonight

And as we go forward
I reflect on the commuter train,
"Suddenly, it's the middle of October
and I think my life just changed"

And as the leaves turn gold
and even when we're buried in snow
and the Windy City really blows

Well, we are only three stars away
From the sun
My sweetheart, as long as you stay
It's summer everyday

Don't be sad 'cuz the summer's over
We've got a million more to go
And as we keep getting older and older
I'll be there to tell ya, "I told you so"