Parlour Punk

by Andrew Robert Palmer

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A collection of songs about that oh-so-punk-rock of subjects... buying a house!

The goal with this one, as with much of my music, was to experiment with the question: what would a rock band sound like without amplifiers? It's power pop minus the power, a punk band in your living room, keeping it down for the neighbors.... and being fancy with a cello!

The songs decidedly focus on the joys of life & getting older, despite all the scary things going on outside of your front door. They're songs of hearth and home, contentment in the face of a very scary world and going all-in on betting that it'll get better... probably.

Recorded at home in Chicago and released as a coaster for free at shows.


released November 28, 2019

Andy P. (me) - Piano, Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drums
Adela S. - Cello


all rights reserved



Andrew Robert Palmer Chicago, Illinois

I'm a regular guy doing a very small thing.

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Track Name: Tasteful Mums
I got myself a brand new life:
I've got a wedding band and a wife,
So suddenly, I'm totally stunned
Look how far we've come!

We got ourselves a brand new place
we're starting to redecorate:
some tasteful mums in a vase
yesterday was our first date,
we're hanging curtains today

I got a rude awakening
I'm just sayin'... we made it though!
I got a rude awakening
But now we're painting
Got our own front door

Ain't that just the way it is?
It's outrageous, out of control
I got a rude awakening
but in a way it's kinda rock n' roll, growin' old
and it feels like home
Track Name: One Last Thing
Oh no - come back!
I'm tied up on the tracks
Oh God! Oh geez!
It all comes flashing back...

The moon, the stars
little wish on a cheap guitar
the sun, the songs
we sang when we were young:

"we'll burn this city down!
we'll burn this city down!"

Oh no - not that!
Oh anything but that!
Oh please help me
before it all goes black

The sky, the trees...
suddenly I'm on a beach
and I'm so in love
with everything above

So i'll keep my chin up
even if we're all going down

I have to laugh
when I think about the past
We ran these streets
now, I think I'd need a map

The parts of town
we used to hang around
have up and changed
so much, it's just insane

but I guess I can't complain
even if it starts to rain
with a big smile on my face
oh finally, I'll lay down
Track Name: Oh, no
Oh no...
I wrote another song
I keep saying that I'm done
but here's another one

Have you noticed
that I tend to repeat
the same old stupid things
like I'm talking in my sleep?

I love billy joel, ben folds and counting crows
punk rock and ska and old time rock and roll
but I've learned to repeat that it's all a silly dream
still, i wear it on my sleeve so who am I kidding?

Stil I've never understood
how it does me any good
and I really think I'd quit
If only I could
Track Name: Chasing Time
I love you Michelle - you're making me dizzy
If you forget my name, will you even miss me?
Deep down inside I hope you will remember
The fun we've had

I'm worried about myself - do I have the same thing?
I doubt my mental health each time I lose my key ring
and you ain't even showing up to see the doctor
and I'm a rocker, so I wrote it down

I'll shout it out:

We're chasing time
and all this time you've been wasting time
give you a piece of my mind

I miss you Michelle even though you're with me
I want you to be well. I want you to be with me
I know you've been through hell but that doesn't matter
it's your laughter that lasts and lasts

As for myself, I'm trying to be better
When I still need your help, I'm trying to remember
back when I was growing up, the things you taught me
All the things you bought me... shoulda wrote it down...

I'm trying now.

We're chasing time
I'll tell you I'm gonna be just fine if it will ease your mind

We're chasing time
I ain't wasting no more time, give you a piece of my mind
Track Name: Taking Forever
Hey whaddya know!?
I never noticed
The gray coming in slow,
starting to grown in
Oh great, I'm growing old
it's starting to show

Man, I blinked - year's rolling by...

And, as I look
over my shoulder to see
the steps that I took
over and over to become what I'll be
I misunderstood what they were saying to me:

"it'll go by in the blink of an eye"

It's taken forever
but I guess what they say is true

So we're having a beer
bought a lawnmower
so cheers! It's pretty weird
being homeowners
Here's to the years
it's far from over my dear

here's to you and I

It's taking forever
but I guess what they say is true
Track Name: Forest & Ocean
I remember the West Coast
It's June in Chicago
I hope you're doing alright

Now whenever I go there
I try to show that I know
what it used to be like

Oh somewhere out there
there's a part of me, I swear,
still hanging around...

Forest & ocean
I'm full of emotion, you know
that's why I write

I really miss you
I wish I were with you
but I know you've got your own life

and I know I'm being unfair
but there's a part of me out there
still hanging around...

you're still hanging around

so when are you coming home?
when are you coming home?
when are you coming home?
you're my best friend, you know

Portland, 10 years ago
Portland, 10 years ago
Portland, 10 years ago
Track Name: Worried Dad Rock
Somethings gotta give
I don't want my kids
to grow up in a world like this

Daughter or a son
I'm fine with either one
I'll give them all I have to give

I don't wanna seek nirvana
I just wanna live

When California tumbles into the sea
Don't come running to me
saying, "there's nothing we coulda done"

I'm a nervous wreck
hey, but what the heck?
It's something I've come to expect

It scares me half to death
but the other half
is betting that this world ain't half bad

I'm going all in
on becoming a worried dad

I'm not gonna be mad
but could you turn it down a tad?
Track Name: Ruined BBQ (Bad Smells)
Bad smells all around
Bad smells up and down
bad smells
bad smells
all around

Bad smells on the street
bad smells on my feet
bad smells
bad smells
all around

Bad smells - up and down and all around
Bad smells - up and down and all around

Bad smells in the air
Bad smells everywhere
can't run, we're unprepared

wanna know what I think?
I think it totally stinks!
Bad smells, ice melts and we sink

Bad smells - up and down and all around
Bad smells - up and down and all around
Bad smells - up and down and all around
Bad smells - we could turn it all around

Is this really our fate?
it's not looking too great
Oh God - are we too late?

[guy grilling at Indiana Dunes:]
Hey I'm just trying to chill out
got enough to worry about
must we discuss this now?

Besides, I'm only one man
ain't it out of our hands?
maybe it's just God's plan

The Indiana Dunes
The surface of the moon:
bad smells and noxious fumes
bad smells will seal our doom!

Bad smells -up and down and all around
bad smells - up and down and all around
bad smells - up and down and all around
bad smells - we could turn it all around

we could turn it all around
we could turn it all around
Track Name: We Still Sing
Everytime a bell rings
they say and angel gets its wings
saw the Cathedral burning on TV

Folks here don't seem to care though
keep staring at their cell phones
and I ain't got no halo - so what about me?

I just sing the same songs
I keep saying 'so long'
to everything that I love - still I sing:

It's alright now - it's ok
cuz ain't that what I'm supposed to say,
even though I get so afraid it's hard to breathe?

But as long as the moon glows
the spring air in my nose
the yellow light in windows, I believe...

Past the green house on Addison,
the high rise on Madison
I'll watch the sun rise again in the East

And I think you got a nose ring
the day after you turned 18
and I always hoped you'd notice me

You never seemed to care though
just listening to J-Lo
did you ever get that halo you used to seek?

Well it's alright now, it's ok
What else can I really say,
when it's so hard to be brave week after week?

It's alright now, it's ok
I'll try not to feel afraid
cuz they have no power to create
that's why we still sing

we still sing
we still sing
we still sing

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